Monday, January 12, 2009

What to do with your old 2008 calendar?

It's 2009, and that calendar on your wall or desk is now officially useless...or is it? I was just about to toss mine in the recycle bin until I stopped and realized that it could be repurposed instead!

Here is a nice lampshade made out of a recycled calendar, featured on Craft blog:

You can even find instructions and a template to make envelopes out of recycled calendars here.

Or, make your own template by carefully dis-assembling a junk mail envelope, and then trace around it as your pattern!

If you have one of those giant desktop calendars with big numbers, here's a great idea to use it as gift wrap:

And don't forget all of the DIY projects on Junk Mail that can be done using calendars as well, including the gift bags and ornaments!

How about those little desktop page-a-day calendars that are such popular holiday gifts? If tearing off a sheet of paper and tossing it every day makes you uneasy, simply tear them off and stack them up in a box on your desk, and use the backs as scratch paper!

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darmap28 said...

Cute idea check out my blog.

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