Thursday, June 10, 2010

DIY Woodgrain Pencil Holder from Recycled Soup Cans!

Oh soup can, how do I use thee...let me count the ways!

I use soup cans for all kinds of stuff...they help me store and organize my pens and pencils in my office, my toiletries in my medicine cabinet, and my "junk" underneath the kitchen sink.

Sometimes I spray paint them (above, left), sometimes I paint them and add embellishments (above, right...using recycled ribbon scraps), and sometimes I just leave them as-is (above, center).  There are endless ways to "decorate" a soup can, but overall, I find them to be very useful!  My most recent soup can makeover was this very "executive" looking "woodgrain" pencil cup, which I'm going to show you how to make right this very second!

 Step 1: Eat some soup. It's good for you.  Just ask any NFL player's Mamma!

Step 2: Remove the label and wash the can.

Step 3: Obtain some woodgrain Con-Tact paper from your local hardware store.

Step 4: Measure your can, from the base to however high you want the "woodgrain" to reach.  I like to leave a little metal showing on top so I measured from there.

Step 5: Mark the length measured on the edge of the Con-Tact paper.

Step 6: Roll the paper around the can to mark the measurement of the circumference.  Make sure you have a little overlap.

Step 7: Knock it off!  Oh...I mean...Cut it out!

Step 8: I know this is exhausting, but you're almost done.  Hang in there.

Step 9: Peel back the paper from the back of the Con-Tact paper, just enough to get it started.  (You know what will happen if you pull the whole thing'll fold over and stick to itself and you'll have to start over. Or you won't quite get it lined up right and it'll stick, you'll try to pull it off to reposition it, it'll tear, and you'll have to start over.  Trust me...start with just an inch or less...)

Step 10: Line up the edge of the paper and wrap around your can, and when you're sure it's aligned with the top and bottom edges, press down and stick that little exposed bit to the can. From there, stick the rest to the can as you peel back the rest of the paper.  Kinda like putting on a Band-Aid (...if you follow their sterile application instructions, that is.)

Voila!  This soup can has just taken a step up in life, from the recycle bin to the desktop! Way to go...I knew you could do it!!  And hey, while you're at it, why not make one for Dad for Father's day?!  It would make a fun recycled gift that you could even do with your kids...maybe even fill it with some cool new pens.

So there you have you didn't think I could turn a "slap-a-piece-of-contact-paper-on-a-soup-can" tutorial into TEN steps!  Why on earth, you ask, would I spend this rare and precious time today while BOTH of my boys are napping SIMULTANEOUSLY just to show you how to do this?  Because I am so dedicated to spreading the DIY/Recycled love, THAT's why! :-)  Now go raid your recycle bin and get those pencils organized!
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