Monday, January 5, 2009

Travel Neck Wallet out of an Airline Safety Card

I'm going to be going on my first international flight to Paris this spring. Last night I was browsing the web, trying to find a neck wallet for the airport that was not UGLY.

I really liked this cool "F1 Safety Passport" holder decorated with graphics from a flight safety instruction card. But, I was looking for one to hang around my neck while in the airport, and this had no strap. So, I decided to make my own!

I actually happened to have an airline safety card in my studio, and some clear vinyl I bought for some other Junk Mail Gems product development, which were the main materials. I used some green ribbon that was left over from a previous project, a couple metal rivets to thread the neck strap through, and one of those spring loaded things to adjust the strap from some other item I had recycled.

I approached it like any other product design project I've had. I gathered together the documents I need in the airport, and did some experimenting, building a prototype with scratch paper and tape first. I put some string on it, wore it, and figured out how I wanted it to work before making the final product.

Above: The front flap opens with a velcro piece to reveal two clear pockets. One holds my driver's license, and the other is for whatever else I, credit cards, etc.

Below: The rest of the wallet folds open to reveal a pocket accessible from the side, large enough to hold cash, my passport, and any folded travel documents/tickets. There are also two more pockets on the inside face to hold cards.

All faces of the safety card are enclosed in clear vinyl, and trimmed with ribbon.

I am thinking that a travel neck wallet would make a great addition to my Junk Mail Gems line. I'll definitely be adding it to my list! However, I want to take this one on a test run this spring, and find out how else I might improve it before making some out of junk mail! I'll keep you posted!


Bart Hays said...

I think they can send you to GitMo for stealing the airline safety card. I am sure you acquired yours in the line of legitimate business...;-)

Gretchen Fleener said...

Stealing? Who said anything about stealing?! ;-) Although I do know that many people "collect" them...!

Myrna CG Mibus said...

These are great! How about making some out of used road maps? Or, I have aviation maps that I could give you - they would be great fun for a travel wallet or maybe a little purse with a long strap. Hmmm, I may have to contract you to make one of those for me.

Gretchen Fleener said...

Road maps are a great idea!! Aviation maps would be even better...I have never seen those and would not have thought of that!

There are many people selling airline safety cards on Ebay too so that's a great place to look for materials.

Rollie said...

I am the MOM of this creative genius, I'm proud to say. It's fun to read all the comments! Everyone's right.. what a cute idea. I say that too, but it doesn't hold as much weight cuz I'm the mom... Myrna had neat idea too... maps! This blog is so fun! Love ya... MOM

Olenka said...

Hi i am a peace corps volunteer in Nicaragua working as an environment volunteer. I love the travel wallet you made. I have group of youth in my small rural community that are working with trash to make items that they can sell in the town and in Nicaragua. I dont know if you are will to share your design how to so that i could teach the youth how to make a wallet like this out of the trash we find. It looks like a great product and my group would be in now way competing with your sales. Let me know.

I do really like it

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