Monday, January 12, 2009

Unexpected home interiors

Oscar the Grouch may not have had it so bad living in a garbage can, after seeing what this guy can do with the inside of a garbage truck...

I just received these photos via email from a friend, although after looking it up, I've apparently been living under a rock (or a pile of junk mail), because it's been all over the blogosphere since at least last summer. But, I thought I'd share it again here for those of you who may have missed it like me!

It's pretty amazing what a little organization of only the necessities will do for your living space.

People should not judge books, and apparently homes, by their cover...there are so many amazing homes out there that don't look anything like homes from the outside! With some creativity and patience, people are recycling all kinds of structures into beautiful homes.

How about this chapel turned into an amazing home:

or this grain elevator turned into a home:

Here is a train car home in Portland:


Rollie said...

Gretchen. You used to make creative HOMES as a little kid, too!... remember the home you made in the ravine behind our house using sticks and rocks and leaves and old cow bones?... and homes you made with blankets in the family room?... and your Barbie House? You are creative enough you could've made any of these neat homes. Thanks for showing them... very fun to see! I saw a TV show with some really cool tree house homes adults made too. Might want to google that! — mom

Myrna CG Mibus said...

Thanks for posting the garbage truck home, and others. I haven't seen the truck home either.

Here's a link to another grain elevator home. This one is in South Dakota. I've been invited to a fly-in that they have there (there's a landing strip there) but have yet to make it. One of my friends has been there, though, and says it's a fabulous place.

Unknown said...

I want a mom like Rollie :) and a house like any of these.

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