Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recyclying Dead Batteries

I admit it, I'm guilty of throwing away a battery or two in the trash. I guess I just didn't want to keep them around until I came across a way to recycle them, and get the dead ones mixed up with the good ones. So, I decided to turn this old stuffing mix container into my own dead battery holder. It was the perfect shape to turn into a giant battery. All I did was cut a hole in the lid that would fit a D battery, covered the outside with orange and black construction paper, and used a white colored pencil for the text, and voila! A recycled recycling container!

I also just found this great site that makes it easy to find a battery recycling drop-off box when my can gets full! You may be surprised how many places around you actually have these collection boxes for batteries and cell phones.


PattyP said...

Hey, I just found your website and blog. This is great stuff! I love the battery storage box and plan to make one myself. I'm switching over to rechargeable batteries anyway (which I encourage everyone to do) but I still have a few of the old kind left. A friend of mine makes bead jewelry and other crafts, and I sent your website link to her so she can check out your products and DIY section. Thanks for doing this!

Gretchen Fleener said...

Thanks! Yes, you are right...I also meant to mention that rechargeables are the way to go! Now that I have a baby with a zillion battery powered items (swing, mobile, toys, etc...), I have also started to replace my batterirs with rechargeable ones as the old ones die out! :-)

Lorraine said...

Hi there, I've been blog hopping today and came across yours. I love this idea. I work in a school office and I've just been collecting the batteries in a plastic bag for recycling. This is so cute I can put it on my desk and maybe it will remind the teachers to send me the dead ones (batteries I mean!).

Shabnam said...

love your blog and love this idea!
i'll be writing about you in a few days to share with my French and spanish readers
: )

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