Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year!

Happy new year!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I thought I'd share a few fun green things that I came across during my own holiday celebrations...

The first is a fun green DIY project idea, and a gift that we received from my aunt. She took a recycled wine bottle, stuffed it full of lights, and topped it off with some foliage and grapes, attached with some green floral tape:

It is such a simple idea and really dresses up your table or buffet nicely for parties, etc!

I also got a few gifts that were wrapped in an eco friendly way. I did not snap photos of them but here are some...

1) A stack of books for my little boy were tied together with a home made fleece scarf (from the same friend who had the great recycled birthday party invites in a previous post). Simply cut a strip of fleece, and then cut some fringes on the ends and you have a cozy, no-sewing-involved scarf!

2) A metal bucket filled with goodies (also for my little guy)...a great way to package gifts, and the bucket can be used for toy storage, sandcastles, or in my little boy's case, a drum!

3) A storage bin full of goodies. The past few years my mom has given each of us "kids" a nice storage bin, with all of our gifts inside. It saves a lot of paper over wrapping such a large box, and who can't use a storage bin?!

Those were just a few interesting ideas I got from my creative friends and family...I'd love to hear if any of you came across any new green holiday ideas this year!

I of course enjoyed giving a few green and home made gifts this year, from hand made soaps to vases out of old plates with sentimental meaning, to hand crocheted stuffed toys, and of course, some Junk Mail Gems jewelry!

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