Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Discount! 20% OFF Junk Mail Gems this weekend!

Happy Earth Day!! 

In honor of Earth Day this year, I am offering all of my loyal readers 20% off your Junk Mail Gems order! Just enter the coupon code "EARTH2011" at checkout! 

I just recently switched my entire site over from Paypal to Google Payments, and one main reason was so that I would have this ability to offer coupon codes and promotions.  So, this is my first crack at a coupon code.  Hopefully it works...if not, please let me know! ;-)  There are NO minimum orders required, and this coupon is good all weekend, NOW through Easter, April 24, 2011! (One coupon use per customer) Use it to get a jump on your Mother's Day shopping, or just treat yourself for being the earth friendly bargain hunter you are!

And since I don't have anything else amazing to share, I'm going to mooch off of some other bloggers who were more on-the-ball this Earth Day and prepared more fun material for you...

ReadyMade posted a link to a great tutorial for making your own plantable paper!  Very cool.

Hop on over to Inhabitots for 5 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kids!

However you choose to celebrate, have fun! :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Junk Mail Gems Inspired Bathroom!

We recently moved to a new house, which for me means that I get to start all over with painting and decorating!  That sounds like a sarcastic remark, but I really LOVE making over rooms.  Sometimes over and over.  Anyway, when the time came that I could start painting, my first target was the downstairs bathroom, which was all decked out in pink, purple, blue and yellow sponge painting...

...which I'm sure was perfectly lovely for the previous owner, but just didn't quite scream "me."  Since this tiny bathroom is right next door to my studio where all of Junk Mail Gems happens, I thought I'd do a Junk Mail Gems inspired theme.

While moving into my new studio I came across my old Danny O calendar that I couldn't bring myself to toss because the images are so fun.  I thought the car and camper went well together so I tore them out, trimmed them, and put them in a pair of Ikea frames I had picked up at a garage sale last summer for $0.50 cents each...

I decided to go with neutral walls (very off character for me, I know!), but I wanted the colorful accessories to pop.  I did use a little bit of color on the base of the cabinet, on the light fixture and a wood board that had a bunch of towel hooks on it.  It's all stuff that we plan to remove someday and totally remodel, but until then, a little paint made it all more bearable for me!

I painted the wood cabinet, and added a strip of decoupaged junk mail around the sink for a little color.  I simply cut a couple rectangles of cardboard from an old box, decoupaged them, and then stuck 'em on the face of the cabinet.  I think it turned out pretty cool!  It's still sortof temporary, but then again the whole bathroom is according to my husband, so I figured anything goes in here...

I broke out the Mod Podge once again to decoupage colorful junk mail over the old switch plate covers.

I also picked up an updated pair of brushed nickel knobs for the wall cabinet (which I plan to paint too in the near future), and a towel ring since there was no place for a hand towel.  The mirror I replaced with a much larger one I had found at Goodwill for $14 back when I was staging our old house for sale.
Yeah, that's one tight little corner to do your business in.  It's fine for me and a little claustrophobic for my hubby, but it gets the job done.  An even slightly large person would likely get stuck in here, which is one reason we plan to gut the thing eventually! The bottom half of the walls under the chair rail had some kind of wall covering that didn't lend itself well to painting, so I haven't touched it...yet.

So, there you have it...a room inspired by junk mail recycling!!  It's still a work in progress, and I've got my eye on a recycled flip flop floor mat that I'd love to put in here someday...for now it resides safely in my Amazon wish list!  :-)
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