Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daily Serving of Iron-y

So I'm sitting in my studio today, eating my Froot Loops while browsing the web, and as I come across a couple mesmerizing ideas for recycling cereal boxes, I blindly reach to set my bowl down on my desk and must have missed or something, because it fell off and spewed cereal and sticky milk all over my wood floor and all over Sammy's play gym. (sorry, that was a huge run-on, I know) Ugh, so now that I got all the cereal cleaned up that was spilled ironically due to my attention being focused on cereal box ideas, I can post them...

The clever, creative, and resourceful folks over at RePlayGround have a couple great ways to re-use cereal boxes! Check out their cool tutorial for making a wallet out of cardboard cereal or other food boxes, and this fantastically simple idea for using cereal boxes to organize your magazines!

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