Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amazing Paper Art

It is really amazing what a creative person can do with something as simple as a single piece of paper. While I sell my products made with junk mail, I've also been exploring what kinds of frame-able art I can do with it as well. I did a posting a while back with some amazing work done just with cardboard, and thought this was a nice version of work done just with paper.

You may have seen this in a chain email stating it was part of a contest at an art museum in DC (where the name of the museum is misspelled even), but the emails are is all work done by one artist, Peter Callesen. Check out his amazing work! I thought I'd give credit where credit was due, rather than passing on the made up email!

While you're at it, check out some of these other amazing paper artists:
Jen Stark's amazing and colorful card stock sculptures
Laura Cooperman's super intricate work
Su Blackwell's clever and creative cut book art, &
Javan Ivy's incredible paper animation!
Know of some more? Leave a comment!

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