Monday, May 5, 2008

May Magnet Mania!

In honor of this upcoming Mother's day, it's Magnet Mania May today as I've just added SIX new categories of magnets to the Junk Mail Gems product selection! Bad grades on your report card? No problem! Mom will still want to hang it on the frig with these cool recycled junk mail magnets!

Top Left: It's hip to be square! Check out the new square magnets, made from colorful catalog and magazine pages! These magnets are 1-1/16" square and are $1.50 each.

Top Center: The bigger the better! JUMBO magnets...just like our original catalog & magazine magnets, only WAY HUGER! 2.25" diameter, for $3.00 each.

Top Right: Large Magnets...if you're not quite ready to make the jump from our current mini magnets to the mega-huge Jumbo Magnets, try the middle ground with these new Large Magnets, 1.5" diameter and just $2 each!

Bottom Left: Spell your name or favorite words with these cool letter magnets! You order the number of letters you need, and tell me what you want to spell. approx 5/8" diameter and just $1.00 each

Bottom Center: Show everyone how punctual you are with these cool clock magnets! They are NOT actual working clocks, but are made from images of clocks and watches from recycled catalogs and magazines! You get an assortment of 5 clocks in varying sizes for $10!

Bottom Right: Junk Mail Icons..."You may have just won a gazillion dollars!" "Free offer inside!" It's all the junk mail icons and phrases we love to hate, immortalized in magnets! you get a selection of 5 (varying sizes and shapes) for $10!

Check them out today...if you order by tomorrow you'll get them in plenty of time for Mother's day!

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krbarret said...

Come join the fun at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. May is magnet month and we invite visitors to make magnets to stick to the steel exterior of our building throughout the month!

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