Friday, May 23, 2008

Garage Sale Find of the Week

Yesterday was Thursday, which in the summer is synonymous with "garage sale day" in the Junk Mail Gems studio. There were not a lot of sales around, being right up against a holiday weekend, but my little man and I headed out to hit just a few sales in our neighborhood.

In my opinion, purchasing used stuff is right up there with other green practices like purchasing cool gifts hand made out of recycled materials. Of course, there are certain things one may not want to buy used...underwear, toothbrushes, wedding dresses, you get the picture. There are also things that lose their value and functionality over time, and it's our job as creative people to find ways to repurpose these things. But Lego's are not one of them...they last forever and are a timeless toy!

Today's best find for the little guy was this big bag 'o Duplo Legos. I got all of these for $6. I think you'd be lucky to get like one Duplo animal or car for $6 new. They were trying to sell these for $12 along with an old, wood end table that had a lego base screwed to it. While I admired their nice DIY Lego table work, I didn't want another large piece of furniture, so they sold me just the legos for $6. I later found out it costs $15 just for one Duplo base...should've snapped that up and just removed the base!

The thing about Legos is they last forever, and old and new blocks still connect together beautifully. I have collected a pretty good stash of pieces already this summer for when Sammy gets bigger...both in Duplos and regular legos.

These Legos will outlive any video game system by decades, and will foster the kind of creativity I want to pass on to my son! In the meantime, I think I'll go build a house while he's still napping...

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