Saturday, April 19, 2008

Soliciting a little feedback!

Hey everyone! Ever since I was a kid, I loved to make newsletters. I "published" a monthly family newsletter called the BK News (Brandt Kids' News) for years as a kid, and even expanded my readership outside of my house to my grandparents and uncle. I had articles about family vacations, interviewed and wrote about stuff my siblings were up to, and had regular sections including a Garfield cartoon (re-printed without permission--sorry Jim Davis!), and advertisements for little plays my little brother and I would put on.

It didn't end there...several years ago when I joined IDSA (Industrial Designers' Society of America) as an industrial designer and later became the Minnesota chapter chair for 2 years, I did a chapter newsletter and e-newsletter for them too. I've always enjoyed doing that kind of thing so I started one for Junk Mail Gems a while back.

I am pretty stoked that now over 110 people from all over the world have signed up for my free Junk Mail Gems e-newsletters! I started them as a way to let people know about new products I was adding, so my subscribers could get the news even before I put it up on my blog. I also put coupons in there...hopefully some day soon Paypal will get coupon codes in their system which will make that easier! But, now that I have subscribers from France, England, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and all over the US, it makes me want to step it up even better! If any of you have ideas as far as what else you'd like to see in my e-newsletters, I'd love to hear your feedback to make them more interesting for you! Just post a comment to this posting. If you want to sign up, or just check out some of my past issues, you can view them or sign up here. Thanks for helping me make the e-newsletters better!

I hate posting without any pictures as I'm a visual person...I'll find something cool to show you next! Have a great weekend!

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