Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!!

So today I was thinking about how outrageous the cost of greeting cards are. It's not uncommon to pay $5-$6 for one card. I figured out I send out about 30 greeting cards every year, between birthdays, anniversaries, get well's, etc...and that isn't counting thank-you cards which can number high when you've just had a baby or wedding. At $5 per card, that's over $150! Good thing I usually make my own cards.

If you're not particularly artistic, here is a fun way to recycle your old greeting cards into new ones. When you get a card, before tossing it out in the recycle bin, cut out any imagery or text on the front of the card that could be used again.

After a year of receiving cards yourself, you'll get quite a collection for various occasions. Here are some I collected from my birthday cards that I received last month:

Now, fold a piece of paper in half, whatever size you want for a card. Glue the salvaged card images on the front. I used some scrap cardboard as spacers to give this one more dimension. Use some scrap colored paper as well. Here's another place where you can use the patterns inside security envelopes, or recycled gift wrap even!

Voila! A card that cost nothing and is even more special because you made it! Now you just need a cool recycled green gift to go with it, like something from Junk Mail Gems! :-)

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Barb said...


Have you checked out Send Out Cards? It's a web-based program that allows you to send out REAL greeting cards, in the US Mail, with your personal message, in your OWN handwriting and signature, and uploaded photos, for $1.00 per card!! It's awesome. Check it out at:

Sign up for the free trial account and send out 3 cards for FREE. Send them to anyone, for any reason. They go through the mail (NOT e-cards) and you can also send gifts, gift cards and books with your greeting card. So COOL!


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