Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simply Vintage by Erin Moxness: "Jerelry, Clothing & Decor with Vintage Flair"

Time to share more of what I saw at this year's Junk Bonanza in Shakopee! For today's vendor highlight I would like to share the work of Erin Moxness of Simply Vintage.  The mini flyer I picked up unfortunately had no web links, except a note to visit their Facebook page, which I was unable to find.  I wanted to share some images of their stuff regardless, but in an effort to give proper credit to the artist, the phone number on the card was 701-388-0134 if you want to find out where she is, if she is, on the internet!

This booth was really fun to look at.  They had all kinds of little charms made from recycled materials.  You could even choose a cord or chain and have them put a necklace together for you right on the spot.

I love the pretty assortment of pendants made from vintage jewelry pieces!

These keychains made from puzzle pieces of the states were such a great idea.  What a fantastic way to repurpose a puzzle, especially if you have missing pieces!

Here are a couple trays of pendants made from sections of vintage yard sticks.  Cool!  This makes me think of our MN state fair, where we always used to get free yard sticks as kids.

These vintage watch pendants were beautiful and fun to look through as well.  These are all metal watch faces....every one unique!

More cute pendants...these ones have letters taken from recycled car nameplates!

Wonderful work, Erin!  And if you see this, please do pass on your web link to me as I'd love to share it!!


Swedie said...

Wow! Some wonderful vintage items.. love the way she used them!

Erin Moxness said...

Hi! It's Erin the artist you featured. So glad you enjoyed my booth. I'm working on a web site, but am on facebook: Simply Vintage. I'm not sure why it didn't come up. Anyway, thanks for the great write up! Your blog is great!

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