Monday, September 20, 2010

Green Cricket Salvage: Unique Salvage, Inspired Restoration

In continuation of what I saw at this year's Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, for my next vendor highlight I would like to share the work of Beth Heeney of "Green Cricket Salvage."

This chair decoupaged with maps grabbed my attention and I just had to check out her display!

I love these cute necklaces made from vintage Fisher Price people!  She also had keychains.  What a fun idea.

Here's Sammy checkin' himself out in her cool mirrors made from tennis rackets.  Very cool!  I have taught Sammy to say "hey good lookin'!" whenever he looks in the mirror, so of course I have to show him every mirror in the place.

These cute sconces made from licensed plates were a neat idea!

Check out her website for more great stuff!

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