Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool Recycled Message Boards

Last month I was enjoying a wonderful girls' night out with some of my favorite fellow moms from my church, at a local Dunn Brothers' coffee house.  This particular Dunn Bros. is located in a historic house in Eden Prairie, MN (recently named the best place to live in 2010 by Money Magazine).

Anyway, the inside of the house is decorated with various pieces of furniture, art and decor for sale, I believe many done by local artists.  I had to snap a couple photos with my phone to share here.  I love this great way to re-use old metal tv trays and serving trays.  I believe these were painted, however, if you find a cool vintage tray you may want to keep the original art if it's in good shape.  Looks like they put a couple holes in the rim, tied a ribbon through it to hang on the wall, and then used them to stick notes to with magnets.  I think they were selling for $15-$25 or so.  I think that a few junk mail magnets would look great on these!  ;-)

This is another message board that was on display for sale...a piece of framed chicken wire with clothespins to hold notes and cards.  Another fun, simple way to display notes!

Here's an old post, in case you missed it, with another way to turn cookie sheets into message boards.

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