Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ribbon Storage out of a Recycled Food Canister

I saw this idea for ribbon spool storage in my latest issue of ReadyMade, using an old cookie tin. I thought I'd try making one out of a baby snack canister that my little guy just polished off today.

1. Take an empty food canister and cut two parallel slits into it. I am using a baby snack canister which is cardboard, so it was easy to cut through with a knife:

2. Cut tiny connecting slits on top and bottom to completely remove your ribbon slit:

3. Cut a piece of decorative paper for the outside:

I am using a left-over scrap of gift wrap to cover this one. You could use any kind of paper you have around, including junk mail, of course!

4. Using the adhesive of your choice, glue the paper around the outside of the canister:

5. Cut the slit out of the paper:

(TIP: hold the canister up to the light and you'll see the slit shine through on the other side, giving you a guideline to cut.)

6. Drop in your spools, fishing the loose ends of ribbon through the slot:

And you're done! A stylish way to store your ribbon spools!

Check out my past posts for ideas to turn your food canisters into a battery recycling container or snack storage!


the contented crafter said...

Brilliant idea! Cherrie

jitan said...

nice tips for making ribbon storage out of recycled food canister.

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