Monday, December 15, 2008

Recycled Christmas Placemats!

Over the past couple years I've shown you how to recycle your old holiday cards, junk mail, and gift wrap into many festive new objects, including ornaments, gift tags, countdown paper chains, mini gift bags, and scrapbooks (via last month's e-newsletter). What else could there be to use all this old "trash" for?

Today's fantastic recycled Christmas placemat project comes from none other than my extremely creative sister Heidi, of! This is a great project to use up those old holiday cards, gift wrap, holiday-themed junk mail & catalogs, and even those PHOTO cards!

Here's what Heidi did...

Cut squares out of all the recycled items you want to use.

She used this square punch, and used the corner rounder (below left) on the corners when finished. I don't have a square punch, so I made some using my cutting board, cutting 1.5" squares.

Here's the fun part that will really personalize your placemats...use photo cards you get in the mail too! Make sure to center the squares around your friends and family's faces. You may want to hand cut or use a cutting board for this so you can see what you're doing.

Then, simply stick down the squares on your larger paper until you fill it up. Heidi used a double-stick tape applicator made for scrapbooking on the back of each square. When I made mine, I laid out a long strip of double-stick tape on my paper backing and stuck the squares to it.

Trim off edges where necessary, and round the corners if you choose. Then, so they can stand up to spills and drips, have them laminated at Kinko's or your print shop of choice.

And you're done! These placemats will be even more fun to look at in years to come as the photos of friends and family get older! Top them with a recycled holiday light napkin ring and you're sure to start a conversation with your guests! Thanks for the great idea, Heidi!! And, kudos to my mom, Rollie Brandt, who took all the great photos!


ev said...

This is a great idea..U can also make 3-4" circles from old cards, overlap onto solid contact paper and seal with clear. This gives you a circular placemat that wears well and looks festive. Can do for any holiday u have cards for. Takes about 12 cards for each mat.
Cleans up beautifully....

Amber Mann said...

These look so fun. With these, you don't have to throw away your holiday clutter, but you don't exactly have to keep it either.

Prajakta Thanekar said...

great idea.. all your mats look so festive and coloful

HeatherP said...

Where did you find 12x18 cardstock? the largest I have / have seen is 12x12. I definitely want to make these and have everything except paper big enough for the base :)

Gretchen Fleener said...

Hmmm...can't recall now where I got the card stock...I think I had some left over from an old school project (my schooling was in design). But, I'd suggest maybe getting a package of poster board, offered at most office supply or craft stores, and then you can cut them to whatever size you like!

HeatherP said...

ahh, poster board! that seems like that would work great and be a nice and sturdy base. thanks! :)

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