Friday, December 12, 2008

My (growing) Favorite Toy List

I've been keeping my own list of cool toys as I find them, for future gift ideas for my little guy, and thought with the holidays coming up and shopping days dwindling, it would be a good time to share! I've really been leaning toward some of the more well made wood toys and eco friendly toys. There's just something about the experience of playing with a well made toy that doesn't involve batteries or video screens.

I bought a Wheely Bug for his upcoming first birthday. It is a very well made toy that I expect to have in our home for a very long time. It has a nice, brightly colored, squishy body, on a plywood base. The casters allow your child to go in any direction, so they won't get stuck in the corner. I have a feeling he's going to love this, now that he's on the move!

Ecotronic is one of my new favorites that I just discovered at the mall today. Ever seen those wind-up flashlights? These toys are built on the same idea...simply wind them up and you get electronic toys with no batteries! Packed in biodegradable, easy to open packaging, these toys are green all around! My favorite is Mr. Robot Head. It's like those games at the state fair, where you have to try to move the ring around the coiled wire without touching it. The lights and noise it makes when you touch the wire is so fun, I think it's just as fun to lose this game as it is to win! I'm totally going to get one of these for myself because I just can't wait long enough for my little boy to be old enough to try this!

I am definitely going to get my little guy some Automoblox, which have been on my list since before I was even pregnant. Maybe when he gets old enough to start driving his cars around and making motor noises. The vehicles can be taken apart, allowing your child to build their own car, and even fill it with little people:

Sprig Toys has some really cool "explorer vehicles," which make sounds, music, and lights, using a generator when the child pushes the car. They are made out of "sprigwood," which is their durable bio-composite material (recycled wood and reclaimed plastic).

A friend sent me a link to these cool I Spy bags on Etsy. These little EcoSpun fleece pouches are filled with tiny trinkets and treasures to find, swimming in BPA free pellets. A list of the bag's contents on the back lets you know what to look for through the clear window in the bag! A great, simple, non-electronic toy that will keep your little ones busy and maybe even quiet for a while!

I already have a couple of these little Animalz toys for my little munchkin. I got them for 50 cents at a garage sale! They are just super cute, and they help me keep my guy somewhat still on the changing table:

Playmobil toys have been around for a while, and I remember playing with them when I was a kid. So, naturally, I'd love to get some for my own kid. They have many cool sets, including dinosaurs, a pirate ship, and even a nativity scene if you are looking for a good Christmas item:

That is my current list, but it is always growing. I'd love to hear your favorite well made and eco-friendly toys...feel free to leave comments if you'd like to help me grow my list!


Jordan'z Mommie! said...

What great toys!! I never would have even known these existed had you not posted this. I'm all for the classic wooden toys, and simple non-electronic ones! Of course, my son's father's uncle works @ Fisher price...LOL
My stepfather's dad's hobby is carpentry-and he's already made my son wooden cars (with wooden wheels that spin & everything!) I also have a few from when my brothers were little. =)

nina said...

Amazon have a great range of childrens toys and I love in particular the Wheely Bug, which is also available on Designer Ark. I think it's the perfect choice for a 1 year old birthday present!

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