Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ethnotek Bags: Celebrating and promoting world culture one bag at a time.

It's been far too long since I've posted again...sorry!  I'm being sucked into the Thanksgiving-Christmas-Kids'-Birthdays vortex that is fall & winter around here!  But, today's post is just in time if you are still looking for a fabulous Christmas gift for, well, anybody who is cool or wants to look cool...

It's about time I finally do a post on Ethnotek Bags, a company started by a fabulous fellow designer friend who served in our local chapter of IDSA (Industrial Designers' Society of America) with me years ago!  Ethnotek makes high-quality backpacks and messenger bags that incorporate hand-made ethnic textiles purchased directly from the artisans from around the globe. 

The main front panel of each bag (below) is removeable so that you can change and customize your bag on a whim.  Ethnotek calls these unique textile pieces "threads," and for just $29 you can support another artisan and swap out your thread, transforming your backpack or messenger bag into a whole new look. 

Check out the Ethnotek website , find them on Facebook, and be sure to check out their adventures on their blog!  It's really cool to watch their videos and see photos of their adventures as they scour the globe in search of awesome textiles! (And by the way, Jake, sorry it took me SO long to finally post your suh-weeeeet products!!)

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