Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Biodegradeable Balloon Bowls by Gitta Gschwendtner

 Aren't these bowls amazing?! At first glance they make me think of a geode...rough and neutral on the outside, yet brilliant on the inside.  Can you believe they are made simply of a latex balloon, with an outer shell of latex and sawdust?!
 The bowls and instructions to create your own were created by Gitta Gschwendtner as a part of TEN Plan.  "TEN" is a collective of 10 designers who have exhibited various environmentally sustainable projects, along with plans for you to try it yourself.  Visit the website to check out these bowls, among other projects, and download instructions to make your own!

(via Cobbled Together by Brenna...by the way, Brenna, I think yours are even more amazing!!!)


ciaran mac aoidh said...

These bowls are fantastic and have given me ideas for a bird-house and plant pots. The web site you linked to is in Japanese and I wasn't able to find the instructions; would you have another link or have you copied the instructions? I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks.

Gretchen Fleener said...

Well, now, that is bizarre! It didn't used to be a site in Japanese!! I tried all the routes I can think of to get to that original site and am stumped...bummer, sorry about that!! If I do end up finding it I'll let you know!

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