Sunday, February 27, 2011

Junk Mail Gems in the Press: Midwest Living Magazine

I was pretty excited to find the latest copy of Midwest Living in my mailbox last week, and especially excited to see some of my letter magnets on page 103.  Writer Hannah Agran found a very cool selection of green gifts and I am honored to be among them!  Hannah ordered some of my letter magnets a while back to spell the word "Green" for the article heading, which I thought was very creative.  Another fun addition to my press page!

Many thanks to Hannah Agran and photographer Jay Wilde for their great work and for including me in this article!  Be sure to check out Midwest Living magazine's website as well.  I really enjoyed paging through this issue and all of it's springtime ideas and imagery...some day very soon this snow will melt and we'll see the "spring joys" again that they showcase on the cover of the issue!!

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