Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get $ to recycle your old, dead Christmas lights!

What do you do with your box of old Christmas lights that don't work? If you're not up for hours of checking each bulb to find the dud, there are several options out there for you! Why not start replacing them with LED strings? With 20x the lifespan and 90% less electricity required to light them, (not to mention they're much brighter!) they'll not only save you money in replacement costs and electrical bills, but you can now get money towards new lights as well...

THIS WEEKEND ONLY, Home Depot is offering $3 toward a new set of LED lights for every set of old lights you bring in as a part of their Eco Options Holiday Light Exchange Program. You still have today to bring them in, so now's the time to make the switch to LED while also saving some money AND properly recycling your old lights!

If you live in the Twin Cities area, the Recycling Association of Minnesota is offering a great program for recycling old Christmas lights. They will even come to you and pick up your lights for free!

Also in the Twin Cities, you can trade them in for $5 toward a $20 purchase by bringing them into Snyder's, and use it to get some LED's there or do a little Christmas shopping!

You can also bring them to the WCCO plaza at the Holidazzle parade to get the same deal.

Randy's Sanitation is also allowing you to place them in your regular curbside recycling bin.

Check out the web in your own area and you may find some of your own local deals...feel free to post any others here as comments for fellow readers! Happy halls-decking!


Juniper said...

That press release says they only did the $3 credit last month. To quote the press release on Home Depot's website,

"...(O)n November 5, The Home Depot begins its second annual Eco Options Christmas Light Trade In event. ...Customers must purchase their new LED lights between November 5 and November 15..."

I was really excited about that, too. We've got a lot of dead lights, and I've no idea what to do with them here in Atlanta.

Gretchen Fleener said...

Wow, do I feel like a moron! Thanks for the correction...I totally read that wrong or something. Not sure how I got the date so far a month! I'll blame it on pregnancy brain. Well, I hope those of you who are more on-the-ball than me were able to take advantage of their offer! If not, be sure to check around for others like it in your area!

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