Monday, June 15, 2009

Possibilities for Recycled Chandeliers

After doing a little web surfing today on SuperUse and I've noticed just about anything can be turned into a cool chandelier. You may remember my recent post with a plastic trinket chandelier I saw on our trip to Paris. Well, if you liked that one, here are a few more cool ideas!

Check out this styrofoam chandelier:

Umbrella and LED chandelier:

Flashmob Chandelier:

Ballpoint pen chandelier:

Plastic debris "Tide Chandelier":

Banana box chandelier:

PET bottle "Cascade Chandelier:"

CD Jewel case chandelier:

Stainless steel sink drain filter chandelier:

Recycled glasses chandelier:

Craftzine has a couple cool recycled chandeliers here too.
Oh, and check out the neat party popper chandelier on Ecofriend, and this tail light chandelier at Apartment Therapy. It seems the chandelier possibilities are endless!
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