Saturday, June 20, 2009

Contest: WIN FREE Junk Mail Gems Magnets!

As promised, I am going to give you all a sneak peek at some of the many new products that I have in the works that I hope to soon add to my current recycled junk mail product line. But, what is even more exciting, is that YOU have a chance of winning a set of 10 colorful catalog magnets, OR a set of 10 security envelope magnets; your choice! I have 7 new product prototypes below (and probably 10 more in my head!), and need some help deciding which to start offering on my site first!

The Rules:
Here's how you can enter in two easy steps....

1) Help me decide which products to make available on my site first by leaving a comment on this post with your top 3 favorites in order of their favorite-ness! (#1 being most favorite, #2 being second favorite, etc)

2) Post a link to this contest on your own blog. If you do not have a blog, share it with your friends via email, Facebook, or wherever!

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, July 3rd.

So, here is your sneak peek and the new product prototypes that you have to choose from to tell me your favorites!

The Prototypes:

1) Pencil Cup
This pencil cup is made entirely out of recycled junk mail catalog pages. The base is a sturdy piece of coiled paper and the sides have almost a leather like feel.

2) Coil Earrings

Created in reaction to some of my customers' requests at this year's Craftstravaganza, these coiled junk mail earrings are a perfect complement to my junk mail pendants and pins! They are coated in a high-gloss, clear resin.

3) Badge Holder
This stylin' badge holder is made out of the colorful recycled catalog beads that I also sell as necklaces, earrings, and separately as loose beads. But, now you can use them to display your badge at work in style!

4) Coil Bowl
This bowl is made entirely out of coiled junk mail, and covered in a clear, glossy finish. Certain to make a great conversation piece! Since these take a long time to make, they would likely be offered either as made-to-order, or I would display the current stock of actual bowls up for sale on my site.

5) Collage Bowl
This bowl has an underlying structure made of plaster, and is then covered with a collage of colorful junk mail catalog pages, and sealed with a clear, glossy finish.

6) Paper Weight
This awesome paper weight showcases a colorful catalog page behind a heavy crystal dome, magnifying the design while holding down your papers in style! The bottom is covered with a black velour pad. I would likely be displaying actual paperweights in stock on the site, so that you can snatch up the specific, one-of-a-kind pattern you like!

7) Keychain
These keychains are made with the same technique as my junk mail pendants and the coil earrings above, with a disc of coiled junk mail protected with a coating of high gloss, clear resin.

As you can see, I have my hands and head full of new ideas...please help me out and tell me what your favorites are! I'd love to know why as well, so feel free to elaborate! Thank you!! :-)


charleneanderson said...

#1 Paper Weight
#2 Badge Holder
#3 Pencil Cup.

I've also Twittered about this content.


Unknown said...

I liked the earrings the best and would wear them with a matching pendant. Then I liked the keychain, it would get noticed and i'd be able to pick it out of a crowd. Then I like the coiled bowl. It has style.

Unknown said...

In order of favorite:
#1) badge holder
#2) coil bowl
#3) key chain

It all looks so creative and great, I've told my mom and friends about your newsletter! Keep up the great ideas!

Committed Recycler said...

My favorites of the new ideas
#1 The paper weight, looks awesome
#2 The lanyard, good conversation piece, I would wear one
#3 The coil bowl, looks cool but I wonder how sturdy it is, and how much it can hold...

Thanks for asking,

chuysgirl said...

I'm guessing this is where I cast my vote? (Drum roll) Faves are as follows:

1) Badge holder
2) Pencil cup
3) Paperweight

Thanks for being the original thinker you are. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gretchen, Oh this is not going to be easy. Because I love them all. It makes it hard to choose but I will give it a try. What nice work you do also. You imspire me to try new things. Thanks for that. So here goes...
#1 Most Favorite...Coil Bowl
#2 Most Favorite...Paper Weight
#3 Most Favorite...Badge Holder
#4 Most Favorite...Pencil Cup
#5 Most Favorite...Collage Bowl
#6 Most favorite...Key Chain
#7 Most favorite...Coil earrings

Cosmic Candyland said...

#1 - badge holder
#2 - collage bowl
#3 - paper weight

They all look fantastic but those were my top 3. :)

Unknown said...

#1. Paperweight
#2. Badgeholder
#3. Bowl

I LOVE the paperweight.

Angela said...

1. Badge Holder (ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!)
2. Paper Weight
3. Coiled Bowl

Kristin said...

#1 badge holder
#2 paper weight
#3 collage bowl

but everything looks great, of course!

orphanannie said...

#1 paper weights!
#2 earrings
#3 key chain

GREAT stuff!!!

Unknown said...

I love the paper weight. The badge holder and then the bowl are my next favorite. Christine

Fiadhnat said...

1. Badge holder
2. Paper weight
3. Coil bowl

Love the badge holder.

Crunchy Sews said...

#1 Badge Holder
#2 Paperweight
#3 Coil Bowl

Unknown said...

#1 Paper Weight
#2 Badge Holder
#3 Pencil Cup

But all super great! And the magnets for the give a way are my all time fave.

Megan said...

1. Badge holder (makes me wish we had badges at work )
2. Keychain
3. Pencil Cup

Love everything as always. Maybe I should start looking for a job that requires a badge... :)

Sue said...

I love All of your products!
Thesr are my faves
1. Coil bowl eyery one will have to have one
2.Key chain every one can use one
3.Pencle holher who doesn't have penclesHave Fun susan

Unknown said...

#1 badge holder
#2 paper weight
3# collage bowl

everything looks good, but these are the more used items so i want them!

Rebecca said...

They're all sure to be good sellers, but I like these best:

#1 paperweight
#2 badge holder (or anything with the paper beads)
#3 either of the bowls

I've sent the link to 3 of my crafting buddies. I'm sure they'll enjoy the great selection, too.

Thanks for letting us play along.

Lauren said...

#1 the paper weight is gourgeous.
#2 Coil Bowl
#2 Pencil Cup

I also tweeted about this, and you can then find me on my blog

Anonymous said...

badge holder
coil bowl

Gina's Custom Creations said...

My favorites:
1. Paper Weight - I LOVE THIS!
2. Badge Holder
3. Key Chain

I will post your contest on my blogs!

Gina's Custom Creations said...

I just posted the contest info on my Facebook profile too!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

#1 Lanyard
#2 Paperweight
#3 collage bowl

Very clever, and great use of such useless junk!

I'll add this giveaway to my sidebar.


brian said...

Brian Naykki

#1 coil earrings

#2 coil bowl

#3 coil keychain

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