Monday, March 30, 2009

Zoe Cotlenko's Zipper Jewelry

Hey everyone! I just got back from an 11 day family vacation in Paris and London, so that's why you haven't heard from me in a while. But, the good thing is, I will have a couple fun things to post here from my trip.

Today I want to share a fun souvenir I purchased in one of the stores underneath the Louvre. It is a cool little bracelet made out of zippers, which was packaged in a charming little drawstring pouch:

I tried to find a website for the designer, Zoe Cotlenka, however most of the links I find take me to a site that asks for a password to enter. If anyone out there has a link to her direct site, pleas share! I did find this site though which sells more of her work. There are some more very cool pieces made out of zippers, both strung like mine and encased in resin. Check 'em out! I don't know that they are made from recycled zippers, but this is something that could be fun to make out of zippers from old clothing, purses, etc!


Heather - - said...

I dismantled some zippers the other day, and I have a bunch of colorful zipper heads just like those... it would be fun to make jewelry inspired by your bracelet!

K.B. said...

I was just at the Louvre! However all the stores were closed by the time I left around 9:30 PM. I wish I had seen this's so great!

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