Thursday, March 5, 2009

Urban Alchemy: Tranforming Recycled Materials into Custom Couture!

Wow, it's been way too long since I've posted! My design business has been pretty busy this past month with several projects that have taken up most of my time, not to mention a sick child, and the fact that I've been frantically trying to brush up on my French in time for our upcoming trip to Paris! Anyway, enough of my excuses...let's get to the good stuff!!

I'd like to introduce you all to a friend who, like myself, has recently left her gig at the same corporate office I was at to enter "momtrepreneurialhood!"

Alicia is her name and Urban Alchemy is her new game...check out her site full of really cool and original fashions, hand crafted from recycled and other natural material, right here in sunny Minnesota! Download her catalogue here, where you can literally build your own piece and have it hand made by Alicia, incorporating your own recycled materials if you choose. What better way to give your old, worn, favorite t-shirts a hot, new second life?!

It may have taken an appendectomy to finally convince her to follow her true passion, but nonetheless, she has bravely made the leap and I wish her great success! Check out more of her great work on her website here, or you can visit her new shop on Etsy, here!

Okay, better get back to rolling my security envelope beads while my little sidekick is still napping...I'm working on some new colors! Watch out blue and and green are comin' to town! Stay tuned for updates on the new beads and jewelry coming soon!

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