Monday, September 29, 2008

Make Your Own Household Cleaners + Cutting Out Single-Use Disposable Items!

Okay, I'm totally mooching off some other great bloggers today but thought these were great ones to pass on. Today I was perusing "365 Days of Trash, one man's attempt to throw nothing away for a year." It's pretty cool, you should check it out! (found via the latest Treehugger newsletter) But, while there I also checked out one of his links to Tree Hugging Family and their post including how to make 25 safe, non-toxic, homemade cleaning supplies. I'm a little leery of the recipes including vinegar, due to the fact that my hyper-sensitive nose can smell EVERYTHING. But, I'd definitely like to try out a few of these ideas!

There's also a great video on there about cutting out single-use disposable items. The man has a good point about carrying around a bag of stuff all day, often with things in it you don't care about. It's such a simple thing to carry around a fork and a re-useable water bottle and/or coffee mug. Since having a baby, I find that I already do that for him. Of course, it's automatic, out of necessity, because they don't have baby-sized spoons, or disposable sippy cups and bottles at every restaurant. (although there is no shortage of disposable bibs, changing pads, sippy cups, etc on the store shelves) Why not do the same for yourself? After all, if you're like me and are carrying around a giant bag for your baby's stuff anyway, it won't take up much more real estate. While I do use my own mug and water bottle, I have not even thought of carrying around a spoon and fork. Just shows you how automatic it comes so so many people to just take the disposable plasticware, use it, and toss it a few minutes later. Anyway, I thought it was a good post, and something I can definitely easily try starting right now!

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