Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cassette Tape Wallets & VHS tape purses

Check out these awesome cassette tape wallets, passed on to me by my cool! I'm sure when my little boy grows up he'll say, "what's a cassette tape?!" Kinda like my generation and 8-tracks...but cool to see this great way to re-use outdated technology.

I was thinking this could reside inside of a VHS tape purse so I did some searching online. I thought I might find one similar in design, like something that uses the plastic housing of the tape. But, here's a purse that is actually crocheted out of the VHS tape itself. You can even get instructions to make your own!

Looking for more cool recycled wallets? Check out my junk mail wallets! :-) Hopefully I'll have some purses soon too!

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