Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recycled Trivet Floor Mat

I love this idea to turn old trivets into a floor mat!

What a cool way to bring these beautiful, artistic trivets out of the drawer and into every day view.  I think this would be great hanging on a wall too, maybe even with an empty frame around it.  Love, love, love it!


Christine said...

Where's the link? I don't see it. I have seen this cool trivet rug before on another blog where someone never credited the creator whose original idea it was. I'm assuming you plan on doing that, because it's a very cool idea and I love your blog but can't stand people copying without giving proper credit.

CROW Cat Rescue said...

Awesome mat! The link in the exclamation point was hard to find, though.

Thanks for sharing.

Us! said...

Where did you get this idea from? I would love to make it as well.

ID Mommy said...

Oops! So sorry, somehow the link only ended up on the exclamation point. Thanks for the heads up! My iPhone won't let me make a new link, so until I get back to my desktop, I've pasted the whole address above and below. Please check out her's great! :-)

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