Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clever Lego birthday invitations

I LOVE doing creative birthday parties (see my 2-yr-old's Space/Robot party post), so this Lego birthday invitation idea really caught my eye.  In the spirit of recycling, if I did this I'd probably pick up a bag of Legos at my local thrift store...while they still often charge quite a bit for Legos at thrift stores, it would still be cheaper, greener, AND much more memorable than any paper invite!  I could totally see a kid taking this apart (after Mom has written it on the calendar and rsvp'd of course), tossing the pieces into his or her Lego stash, and remembering the fun they had that day the next time they come across one of these bricks!

Not sure if these would be the type you'd mail to someone, unless you glue the pieces together and ship in a padded envelope, but I'd definitely hand these out to family and friends in person.  Plus, it would be fun to see their reaction! This will surely go into my file of ideas to be pulled out next time I'm looking for a birthday party idea...maybe for the big oh-three! (via Inhabitots)

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