Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Innocent Spam" by Janet Nelson

So, here's how this post came to be. Yesterday I posted on my Facebook status that I "just deleted over 1,600 junk emails from my inbox from only 6 days; this is getting ridiculous!" A friend commented with something about how if only I could turn junk EMAIL into something crafty (like I do with paper junk mail). In chimes another friend out in Ohio, saying that he has seen artwork made from spam emails. You see where I'm going here? Anyway, I just had to share the link he sent because it made me smile, and was in some weird way, related to Junk Mail Gems...if only in a distant-cousin-twice-removed sort of way.

We all have gotten those spam emails with dirty subject lines. Well, thank goodness for people out there like Janet Nelson, who finds the innocence within the icky with her fantastic "innocent spam" cartoons. Check it're sure to look at those nasty spam messages in a whole new light!

As I glance over at the now 244 messages in my junk email folder, I see a few that might be fun to illustrate...
"Women will stare at your member like at the museum."
"Never half-staying in bed."
"Ladies crave for bigger chest like the guys crave to be blessed."
"She won't hide her emotions when she sees your proportions."
"Just what your rod needs!"

These lines clearly are not written by people whose first language is English! Especially this one: "hoist your belove sexuality" and "Be sure in your hose." Huh? Well, I guess I can be glad that these forms of junk mail are electronic and not physically arriving in my mailbox, but they are no less annoying!! Thank you, Janet, for your creative and entertaining way to "repurpose" electronic junk mail!


Rollie said...


“That’s what SHE said!!”

thanks for making me laugh!


Rollie said...

That’s what SHE said”

What a hilarious fun post that was.

thanks for making me smile!

— Rollie

Janvangogh said...

Thank you for the shout out!

I kind of think of my illustrations now as "taking a bite out of Spam".

Gina's Custom Creations said...

I love it! This is hilarious! Thankfully, I don't get the "dirty" spam in my emails (yet). I used to in an old email address I had, but since I opened a email address, I NEVER get spam like that. I find that I get a lot of spam in my Yahoo emails, but nothing "dirty" yet, thank goodness! LOL!

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