Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Jewelry is No Junk!

This stuff is fantastic! Be sure to check out Junk Jewelry for some beautiful jewelry made out of all the little things we so often overlook or toss in the trash without thinking about it. I think I've found another great link to add to my favorites! Gives me some inspiration and motivation to keep my collection going of little non-junk-mail odds & ends to someday turn into something cool...

Here are some more really great examples of recycled jewelry, found via the Junk Jewelry list of more cool links...

"Have a Heart" pendant by Margaux Lange Jewelry is made from Barbie busts, and for every piece sold, $5 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fund breast cancer research. Be sure to check out the site, as there are many more awesome pieces made from various Barbie "parts!!"

Also, check out Ann-Made, who sells some really beautiful bracelets made out of recycled soda ("Pop" if you're here in Minnesota) can tabs. Each one is hand selected, washed, polished, and woven together with colorful beads and stones:


abscraft said...

Barbie Bust necklace is fantastic so simple and yet effective and for a good and appropriate cause.


ford said...

So cute gift ideas! I like it. Wish someone also give me like that. Thanks for sharing! keep posting!

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