Sunday, March 16, 2008

DIY Crochet Fun

My mom has recently inspired me to take up crocheting when she made our baby a blanket using this book of crochet blocks:

So, I bought the same book and have been using it to learn & practice, making a bunch of different squares that I'll eventually connect into an afghan. I'm only 5 squares away now!

Anyway, speaking of crochet, I just came across this great video on how to make a crochet fortune cookie on YouTube, via Kelley's posting on the ReadyMade blog. Fun!!

Can't get enough crochet? check out Crafster for some more crochet project ideas and a crochet forum!

1 comment:

Rollie said...

You must have the most fantastic wonderful mom to have created such a creative person such as yourself. Your mom is very proud of you and glad you started crocheting so she and you can share yet another interest together! I really like your blog and all that you do!!!

Rollie Brandt

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