Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"PRE-Cycle" Your Computer Printouts!

Ever print an email or something off a website, and get that wasted last page that has like 2 words on it? One thing I do to try to avoid this is to click the "from __ to __" option in my printer dialog box instead of the default "print all pages," and start with 1 to 1 or whatever I think it will take to get what I actually need printed. This helps avoid getting that last page with nothing but "page 2 of 2" and the web url on it. But, sometimes it still does happen.

What I've been doing lately is cutting up my printer mistakes, old mapquest routes, etc and use the backs for notes, phone messages, & shopping lists. The backs of the paper is perfectly good for these little notes, and it enables you to get another use out of this paper before you drop it in the trash, or hopefully, your recycle bin!

Now you can store your own recycled note paper with this cool storage box, just added to the Junk Mail Gems collection! This box is designed to hold scratch paper the size of a letter sized sheet (8.5" x 11") cut into fourths. The box is hand woven entirely out of 7 recycled junk mail catalog pages and is available now on JunkMailGems.com for $15.

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WorldWidePR said...

Tell people to use Software Shelf's Print Manager Plus too! That saves 150,000 trees a year!

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