Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NEW Security Envelope Pattern Beads!

Have you ever paid attention to the inside of security envelopes that you get in the mail? There are SO many unique graphic patterns in there that so easily go overlooked. Here is a collage I made with some of the patterns I have collected over the last couple years:

Well, in the subject of security envelope patterns, I have some good news and some bad news.
The BAD news is I'm discontinuing my mirrors and buttons that are made out of security envelope patterns. The reason is that I've found that the paper is too thick to work well in my button making equipment, causing me to waste several mirrors before getting one to work. So, in the spirit of being green, rather than continuing to waste materials I will no longer be selling those items.

However, the GOOD news is that I am coming up with some new ways to re-use these envelopes! I am now offering some sweet hand-rolled paper beads that showcase this unique material, available in blue, black, or both!

You can purchase the loose beads in lots of 10 (with a choice of blue, black, or a mix of both), or already made into earrings and necklaces! Each bead is about 1/2" long and make quite a one-of-a-kind green statement!

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silvergirl said...

um- you're awesome.


great idea! :)

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